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Glass Replacement Services for the Central Maryland area

Glass Replacement

We repair or board up broken glass the day of your call. Stock materials can be installed the same day; special order materials will require us to temporarily board the opening (an extra charge covered in an insurance claim). Insulated units and tempered glass are special ordered items. Your salesperson will give you a delivery lead time along with your free estimate.

If you are not making an insurance claim (your damage is not covered by insurance), and the repair must wait overnight or longer, Cover the opening using (you can save money by covering the opening yourself. Use) plywood, tempered hardboard, or cardboard, plastic and heavy tape; depending on the size of the opening. If you find this difficult, call us to board the opening: emergency fees start at $200. Larger glass shards are better disposed of in a paper supermarket bag than in plastic. Tiny fragments come up with a wet paper towel. We clean up any broken glass that we find, and will be happy to dispose of any glass that you have cleaned up.

Glass Table Tops and Shelves

We fabricate custom glass table tops to your measurements. We can deliver, and even measure the table for you at an extra fee. (We come to your home to measure for your custom glass table tops and shelves, and will deliver to your door for an extra charge.) All orders must be (faxed (410-837-3200) or) emailed to and requires a credit card deposit.

If your glass top will be inset into the table and has a distinctive pattern rather than a rectangular shape, bring the table into our shop so that we can fit it exactly.


Call us to install any type of mirror in your home from a small medicine cabinet or closet door to a full wall of mirrors. We measure for the light switches and electrical outlets and fabricate to fit your needs.

Screen Repair and Storm Window Repair

We repair storm window glass at our Pick Up Counter within 8 business hours if it does not require tempered glass.

Patio Doors

We replace the fogged or broken glass in patio doors. We do not repair or replace pull hardware, locks, rollers or track. Contact your local hardware supply for parts which can be used by a handyman for repair.

Do-it-yourself Pickup Counter

The Counter is open Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. This method is the best way to repair the broken glass in your removable sash or storm window, pick up a small mirror or glass top, or find that hard-to-get part for a commercial entrance door. Glass without fabrication or edgework will be ready in four business hours; glass shelves or table tops require eight business hours. Insulating units will take longer depending on the composition. Please inquire when you bring the sash in. All custom fabrications require a deposit or commercial account..

Glass Tinting

Call for a free estimate to apply (cover your windows with) sun-deflecting solar film to your windows. Be aware that applying solar film to annealed insulating glass units invalidates (their) the manufacturer’s warranty on the units.

Shower Enclosures

We install bath, shower, and steam enclosures; both framed and custom frameless enclosures: pivot doors, bi-parting doors and neo-angle enclosures.