Baltimore      Maryland

Commercial Glass Repair Services

Glass Replacement

For any glass breakage, call and we will be onsite within a few hours. If the damage occurs late in the afternoon, we may board the opening for the evening. Insulating units or tempered glass must be ordered; we temporarily glaze or board the window. Any temporary glazing or boarding is an extra cost. We remove and clean up all broken glass from the opening. We own our own scaffolding and, swinging stage to serve you.

You may need to remove your neon sign before we proceed. Contact your security contractor for coordination in repairing your burglar alarm after we finish.

We also repair flat glass in cranes, backhoes, and boats.

Aluminum Door Repair

We repair or replace any part of an aluminum door. We operate emergency repair 24 hours a day if you cannot lock your entrance.

We do not repair the electronics in automatic entrance doors, but we replace the glass and any mechanical hardware.

We do not repair the spindle or canopy of a revolving door, but we replace the glass and any exposed hardware.

New & Remodeled Storefronts & Office Buildings

We fabricate and install throughout the Baltimore-D.C. corridor. We have a separate department dedicated to remodeled entrances.

Bullet Resistant Glazing

Bullet Resistant Glazing is far more expensive, heavy and cumbersome than most people realize. We install both rated and not-rated plastics as well as rated glass to give you and your employees protection and a barrier of deterrence.

Glass Hand Rails

Have become more popular. The base of the rail must be anchored to steel, not wood. We do not provide required engineering to meet building codes.

Car Damage & Break-Ins

Emergency immediate rebuilding of totally damaged entrances is our specialty. We stock dozens of doors and many varieties of aluminum framing.

Commercial Bid Work

Please call to make sure that we have us on your subcontractor list.


In gyms, fitness centers, dance studios and other commercial applications. Also transparent mirror and electronic privacy glass that becomes obscure with an activation switch.

Desktops and Conference Table Tops

We custom fabricate glass tops with holes and cut outs for computer cabling.

Wholesale Sheets and Cases

We stock a large range of mirrors, laminated and float; pick up or we can deliver to your shop. Inquire for a quote.